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10 Golden Step of Professional Interpreter

  • Last Updated: Friday, 03 August 2012 06:05
  • Written by Glenn Voerman
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1. Value. You must have your own value, by measuring your own skill of mentioned language and be sure that you’re best interpreter.
2. Appeal. Make sure your value is recognize by your local client then the international client, so you as interpreter will be treated in respect.
3. Deal. When the deal made, please ask the access to correspondence of your international client deal made means they gave you recognition and the same time a trust given.
4. Copy. If you’re doing interpreter of seminar or workshop, don’t forget to ask the copy of his presentation prior to his arrive. This is a preventive action for your own preparation and give you full understanding to the topics that will be discussed
5. Feeling. Make sure you met the source speaker earliest as possible to find his/her feeling.
6. Confident. Then you become confident enough to start doing interpreter job.
7. Source speaker. By doing the interpreting, by nature you’ll be treated as the source speaker. Be assure to handle this situation, you are not what you are in daily. This is the moment you will feel that your interpreting source speakers feelings comes unto you. You must be as him/her (the source speaker).
8. Identify. At the end of interpreting whole session, identify your feeling and success, by acknowledge the satisfaction and understanding of the audience. If you enjoying the smiles of the audience and source speaker, your interpreting process has done nearly perfect. Congratulations !
9. Evaluation. Give rate your self on your performance and make record on each interpreting project.
10. Recognition. Ask recognition letter from your international client. This is a free promotion tools to your next coming order.
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